Wonderful Progressive Politicians Deliver on Their Promise

Yesterday, the headline on CNNMoney.com read:

Family net worth plummets nearly 40%

This is an odd thing to me, for I have seen in the world around me individuals and families who defaulted on mortgages suddenly move into new homes and live a lifestyle of those earning over $100,000 a year via STUDENT LOANS. 

If you are a hard working American who actually pays taxes, the headline refers to you.  It does not refer to the Obama Moochers who live off your wealth.  There is a word for these folks that comedian Chris Rock uses so eloquently to describe his disgust of these people irregardless of their race.  The white ones, we used to call Wiggers. 

You get my point.  Put a half-Wigger in the Office of President of the United States and you get exactly what those in the know expect:  a 40% plummet in the value of your hard work …… if you even have a job now days.

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