I stopped watching TV a long time ago because is so damn politically correct, but guess what?

DALLAS IS BACK!!!!!  Hot damn.  REAL American TV is back such that we folks who extend our lives into the fabulously rich world of the Ewings — because we can afford to do so — might just pull up a chair in Preston Hollow of Highland Park and watch an episode.

From a review I give you the following:

“Ten-gallon hats are still worn at every opportunity. The saintly Miss Ellie and Jock remain referred to reverentially as “momma” and “daddy”. The cast is uniformly white, apart from a token Asian scientist, black cop and Hispanic housekeeper. Hey, no-one ever tuned into Dallas for political correctness.”

“It’s no longer the Eighties but you wouldn’t necessarily know it from the production design. Every house is decorated like a sumptuous hotel. Champagne flutes are frequently in hand. Preferred modes of transport are helicopters, thoroughbred horses or sports cars.”

Note daddy Jock is still mentioned.  This may inspire me for a new ‘copter.’

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