Life’s Lifeline: The Liberal Threat to Life Itself

A thought that began to form in my mind some 40 years ago has crystallized into truth.  At one point in my ‘high school career,’ a liberal state senator by the name of Joan Smith (name changed folks in order to protect the innocent 🙂 ) visited my humanities class in which we were studying the interaction of politics and the “human condition.”  In reflection, Humanities being a very liberal discipline, I should have identified the true heart of a liberal senator all those years ago.

A Jehovah’s Witness disciple will refuse use of another individuals blood when faced with coronary bypass surgery, literally assuring they will die as a result of the surgery or the refusal of the surgery due to the potential of introduction of another person’s blood to their body.  A Liberal, in order to practice the zeal of “improving” the human condition of a select group, will kill, steal, lie, distort, and conduct themselves using all sorts of immoral behavior that they will coat in a glowing white paint of morality.  Fake morality because they will steal from you by the force of government to provide for these “select” groups.

This group of Liberals have always missed a fundamental element of the human mind that has allowed the creation of a lifeline for many across the globe.  It is simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  My statement sounds silly doesn’t it?  It shouldn’t sound silly to any intellectually capable mind.  Simple math goes a long way — when properly used — in explaining America’s upcoming plight in what Ben Bernanke calls “America’s Fiscal Cliff.”  While some are beginning to come to an understanding of this concept called “America’s Fiscal Cliff,” they refuse to look at a living example being played out on a daily basis in Greece.

The soon-to-be new Greek government is about to ask other Europeans — primarily the Greek hated German — for an immediate 6.6 billion Euros so it can “pay for pharmaceuticals and pay those building roads.”  The Greek’s lack the courage and integrity to say they are asking for yet another handout so that the lifeline to many Greeks, i.e. pharaceuticals can continue to flow.  (In the Liberals mind “roads,” i.e. a bit of union corruption, are a lifeline.)

Greeks rail at the horrible Germans this day.  Barack ObamaLamaDingDong rails at “business and the wealthy”.  Barack is an idiot as are the Greeks. 


230,000,000,000.00 divided by 11,319,048 equals 20,319.73 Euros given by other Europeans to each Greek citizen.

I say given, because not the first Greek citizen paid their fair share or will ever pay their fair share to retire this loan (much of it already having been written off) and act in the least bit like a moral Greek who apparently only lived thousands of years ago.

The lifeline — the true lifeline for many individuals cited above — will one day disappear in Greece and for some in all of Europe and America.  After all, that is what the Greeks (The Globe’s Liberals) are asking the Germans to potentially sacrifice so that the Greeks may prosper.  It began in America with Obamacare and perpetual “welfare,”  the Solyndra sleaze, and countless other ‘big ticket’ “racketeering” items in Barack’s “stimulus.”  It began in Europe with Greece.

Some call Barack Obama a Muslim.  I call him a Greek.

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