Now if she were in Florida ……

Governor Rick Scott and his appointed Hench-Lady, Ms. Corey, would prosecute this fine Southern Woman.  (I assume both Scott and Corey are transplanted Yankees with liberal New York blood in them.)


This Macon, Georgia grandma should be dead as she had bullets whizzing by her, but she’s not and she owes much of it to having a gun and having the courage to use it. This robbery took place in what sounds like a driveway as she was inside her truck. I won’t spoil all the dramatic details, but in the end she managed to shoot one of the assailants in the chest and scared the other one off, all from the insider of her truck.

Seriously, this is a great story:

McClatchy DC – Lulu Campbell, a Warner Robins resident, was leaving the Shell service station she owns on Riverside Drive at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday to take her 15-year-old grandson home.

As she pulled into her daughter’s driveway on English Avenue, her grandson went inside. As an afterthought, Campbell said, she wanted to call him to make certain the house was secure.

“I wanted to call him and check (that) the house is regular,” said Campbell, her Filipino accent thick even after living the past 40 years in the United States. “I was looking for my phone.”

Campbell said she couldn’t find it, got out and checked the truck’s backseat to look for it in her purse. As she searched, she said she heard a voice in her head whisper to her to get into the front seat and lock the door. She immediately did, and she said that likely saved her life.

Seconds later, two men carrying guns approached her. One of them, later identified by police as Brenton Lance Spencer, 32, started to shout at her through the front passenger door to open the vehicle up and give him her money. The other, whom Macon police have identified as Dantre Horatio Shivers, 30, stood in front of the truck, also pointing a gun.

“(Spencer) shouted, ‘Give me the f—— money and open the f—— door!’ ” Campbell said. “I said, ‘Oh my God, somebody is going to rob me.’ I said, ‘Baby, you’re going to kill me anyway, so I don’t have to open it!’ ”

Campbell said she reached for her .38-caliber revolver just as Spencer allegedly fired at her. She felt Spencer’s bullet whiz by her chest as she fired back. Her shot hit Spencer in the chest.

“I hurt my back (pushing the seat back to avoid the shot),” she said. “I saw the guy in front of me, and I said, ‘Oh my God, there are two of them.’ I said I’m going to take one of them with me. That’s what was in my head.”

At that point, according to Campbell and the police report, Shivers allegedly started shooting at her. As she ducked, she said she fired wildly in front of the truck, forcing the second gunman to flee. Campbell said she didn’t consciously realize that she fired at Shivers until police later told her she did.

“They told me I was aiming the wrong way, that I was shooting upwards,” she said.

At that point, Campbell said she didn’t want to leave the safety of her truck and risk trying to make a run for the house. She drove the truck out of the driveway.

“I thought that the only way to protect myself was to run him down,” she said. “Otherwise, he would have gotten away.”

Campbell eventually was able to reach a 911 operator, and she was instructed to pull into the fire station on Pio Nono Avenue so that police officers could catch up to her.

After police released photographs of the two suspects, Campbell recognized them as regular customers at one of her stores.

When she reflects on the experience, she thinks the voice in her head that told her to get her purse and get into the front seat was that of her son, Wesley, a military intelligence officer stationed in Homestead, Fla., who died last month at age 35. Campbell said she still hasn’t heard a full explanation of how he died. Apparently, he fell or lost his balance and sustained a fatal injury.

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