Something About Traygone

“Trey gone,” that is all Ms. Prissie of Gone With the Wind fame would be able to say. 

There was something in the press yesterday about Trayvon, I didn’t read the detail, but apparently the Sanford Police had taped the February 27, 2012 interview of George Zimmerman all bandaged and black from his beating by young master Martin.  Can you say Somalia?  Do you realize that blacks have a 30% greater update of cannabis in the brain than their fellow ‘earthmates’ otherwise known as “cracker” or “white boy” or some other derogatory term?  (But you do realize for damn sure no black boy would ever use a derogatory term to describe a caucasian — even one they are copulating with.  Damn white trash.)

I say let them continue to be free but allow me to Stand My Ground.

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