Systems Engineering and Dr. Chris Luke

 — Dr. Luke:

Probably the most striking recent comment in recent coverage of the ever-worsening problem of Somali piracy was that by a BBC World Service expert who observed that the pirates “had no fear of dying” whatsoever. The expert also reminded listeners that a ragged band of the pirates’ countrymen had succeeded in chasing America’s elite soldiers from Mogadishu in 1993 (an ignominious piece of recent “peace-keeping” history that was memorably depicted in the film, Black Hawk Down). And to emphasise the ferocity of the Somalis, on the same day the most significant item in the printed media’s coverage of the piratical contagion was a report that an Indian warship had been attacked by a pirate “mothership”, which was then (predictably) blown out of the water.

Common to both scenarios was the extraordinary absence of any fear of death in the warlords’ or buccaneers’ tactics. Such indifference to the risks to life or limb would seem to be a mysterious but fantastic aptitude in any army, but it is not quite as inexplicable as it might at first seem. The diagnosis is simple enough: easily available weaponry and drugs. In the case of the exceptionally violent, wealthy and gun-toting young brigands of the Horn of Africa, the intoxicating culprit is khat – the local trance-inducing leaf that is a staple of daily life in that part of the world, and which might be thought of as a kind of African coca leaf.

Looking back over today’s post I am thankful God and society has given me the inhibition and self control — not to mention prefrontal cortex size — not to suggest that the solution in Somalia will never be the removal of drugs and weapons but an accurately placed neutron warhead of appropriate size resulting in the elimination of Somali pirates — and others.  As you know, I’m blunt.  I think this is a far more humane solution, but Lib-tards would disagree.  In the mean time I will continue living under the Grace of God and thriving.  Lib-tards don’t believe in God, certainly, not a second coming of Christ, and truthfully I will not have to worry about them when that time comes.

Ya’ll have fun until then.

P.S. — I’m forgetful.  The syetems engineering involves a human way to remove the Somali pirates from the face-of-the-earth in a non-nuclear way.  You can figure the rest out.


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