You can’t find a speechless Liberal.

Hell, they will drool and babble in a last effort attempt to speak the last word.

Such is not the case when it comes to Computational Genomics.  This could be caused by the fact that Liberals know nothing of computation.  Go figure. 

It could be because Computational Genomics does not support Liberal thought that Macro Haplogroups M and N are descendents of Haplogroup L3.  Liberals simply do not have enough words in their vocabulary to counter the massive Macro Haplogroup M.  Which doesn’t surprise me as Liberals themselves come from Haplogroup L3 that derives from someone “playing in the wood pile.”

What Liberals believe is someone like Barack Obama walked out of Kenya, continued up through Egypt, screwed lots of women and men (where did they come from?), and fathered all Europeans hence forth.  Those of you who are educated in the sciences:  have you ever really noticed how Lucy’s skeleton is so primitive?  Yet …. we have now found skeletons of similar age in China.I suppose like Obama:  one day he is black, the next day he is white.  Co-located mind you along the evolutionary path.

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