Liberals vs. Conservatives

The most fundamental difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that Liberals do not know when to retreat.  Having said that, yes I understand that Liberals beginning with the Black Republicans in Abraham Lincoln’s day understood that it might take a century or more to bring their form of Federal Socialism to a controlling position in America.  This intent however, that was not embodied in Abraham Lincoln the President, is today embodied in one Barack Obama.

What the black idiots of Lincoln’s day didn’t understand, and the white liberals idiots of today are finally catching onto, is we white southern folk moved assets offshore to what became a banking industry in Bermuda long before Sherman roiled life in Georgia, as his (Sherman’s) ignorant northern generals did in other locations across The South.  Fuck you, you sorry dead bastards.

Today’s Socialist Trash, led by such individuals as George Soros are beginning to realize that it is not only previous Southern Aristocracy that are capable of moving to protect themselves, but others, when he stated today “the Euro can not survive without Germany.”  Oh it must suck George, we don;t give a damn if you croak.

For once folks the battle began full-scale long before losers such as George Soros even knew there was a battle underway.  The war is to fully and completely destroy those like George Soros for decades to come.


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