The Best Weapons Against Liberals are Their ‘Programs’

Lyndon Johnson gave the Conservative American the best armory of weapons the world has ever seen.  All of Lyndon’s programs are guaranteed to grow and suck in an ever increasing portion of U.S. economic output.  While Lyndon thought he was benefitting his chosen American’s, he was in effect building government structures that allow the Rich to get richer and the poor to get ‘babies’.  He created a dysgenic wave of change that has swept America to its’ current context where even Liberals in Congress know they cannot sustain support for Lyndon’s programs and all the others added over the years.

No where can one see the ever falling IQ and increasing irrationality than on the website named  I posed a question in reply to a post by the very liberal, though well educated Professor Of Physics at Tuft’s TigerTim yesterday that blew right past the first arrogant responder to my reply that demonstrates how truly isolated the young generation of homosexuals are from the “real world.”  Fortunately, this crowd will not send their genes along to a new generation where such low IQ and stupidity will grow into a rolling wave of humanity that will wash intelligence from the face of the globe.  In fact, this group sports an HIV infection rate of slightly over 50%.  Though they may survive for years with HIV, they will not foster another generation, and they will forever be dependent upon those they so despise via the need for anti-retrovirals.

If you can see the destruction the above group brings upon themselves, just wait to you see young African-Americans.  It is decidedly not just young gay African-Americans that are rising percentage wise in the number of new HIV infections per annum, but heterosexual African-Americans who are already significantly disadvantaged as far as achievement irregardless Affirmative-Action giving them advantage in employment, particularly in government.  These people are doomed.  Although I do not believe what many say,  that being that African-Americans will be absorbed into the U.S. Caucasian gene pool; the average African-American born in the last decade carries 25% Caucasian DNA — raising their IQ.

Can you imagine what would happen if a virus such as HIV suddenly developed new more deadly routes of attack on the body AND began more more virulent?  Those “conforming” Christians would soon populate the land, less these young Liberals.

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