Re-directing Corporate Cashflow

It should come as no surprise to the lay person as well as professionally trained business personnel that publicly traded U.S. companies have been in preparation for Obamacare on many fronts.  On Thursday we will see a historic ruling for the better or worse that will define the limits of the Federal Government in relation to our personal and corporate lives.  If Obamacare is fully upheld, all of the planning and activity individuals and corporations have put in place will be immediately affirmed as having been necessary — and of course legally required. 

Note that I cited “publicly traded companies.”  I won’t argue the point here, but I assure you privately held wealth in the form of private (not traded and closely held) corporations is vastly greater than wealth in the globes publicly traded companies.  My isolation of these companies from my general opening comments are reflective of my knowledge that these companies have far greater flexibility in how they address the requirements of Obamacare.

The publicly-traded company must adhere to the Liberal tenants of “political correctness.”  These companies are not going to tell you they have slowed hiring and amassed cash because they are fearful of the cost of bringing new hires onto the payroll.  Example?  Just in the last year pharmaceutical makers have aided government in wealth redistribution by shifting the cost of drugs (in the $ billions $.) from one group of customers to “better healed” customers, all courtesy of the portions of Obamacare that are now in place.  All companies are bringing down payrolls at a fairly sharp clip.

Bringing down the payroll is the new business model that has been in evolution since Barack Obama became President.  In order to save the business, the business must re-direct and carefully manage the cash flow.  Now that Barack Obama and klan (the liberal Klan) are managing your cash flow for you in an ever greater way, it is also beneficial to reduce “cash flow.”  Yup, you heard me.  While BO chastises Mitt Romney for “outsourcing” [sic – offshoring], reality is Barack Obama is the biggest influence of offshoring this nation has seen since the stock markets were fired up in the early 1900’s.

How are you going to reduce cash flow?  Offshore EVERYTHING that you can, from accounts payable to accounts receivable, from manufacturing to maintenance support (al la ALL of America’s large carriers), from banking to IT operations and accounting.

It is sort of a funny thing to me when the groom walks away from the Altar leaving the bride.

Welcome to Barack Obamaland!!!!!!

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