These Post-Racial Integrated Times

Integration: the interval between the first black moving in and the last white moving out.”  Mike Berman

I’m not quite as racist as I sound.  I’m back in my home-town for a few days where I have a home in a fairly well integrated (black and white residence folks) neighborhood.  Yes, as in many old southern cities there are million dollar homes and a short distance over one is in “the ghetto,” sort of.  But damnit, you niggers stop throwing those chicken bones out in the street.

Truth these days is only in the eye of the beholder. 

My adopted dog, Cholly, did not need to eat a chicken bone.  Where did he find this chicken bone?  In the street in front of a home rented to black folk who had a big, loud, PARTY Sunday evening.  Thank You Lord my old masonry home drowned out the noise some three blocks away.


On another sad note, I was with my youngest nephew in his sports car headed to a shooting range I had not visited in many years when it struck me that something had changed.  I made the comment “something is going on here.”  The nephew replied, “this area is being ghetto-ized.”  He continued, “funny how you build something nice and the niggers move in and destroy all of it.”

Are you witnessing white prejudice in all its’ glory?  Likely.  Things will improve however when blacks can stand up like one Chris Rock and call a nigger a nigger and demand those black asses who are niggers CHANGE.  Isn’t that what Saint Obama promised them?  Change?

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