Dealing with Affirmative Action Co-workers

I am extraordinarily limited in my first hand experience with Affirmative Action coworkers as for 99% of my working life I have had zero Affirmative Action coworkers.  Where I am touched by the influence of Affirmative Action (AA) hires is within the Oil & Gas industry, a few very small manufacturing operations that remain in the U.S. , and within a contracting operation in Atlanta where we supply technical staff and managers.

Within Oil & Gas there is little need to worry about  AA hires as I operate through private companies and not publicly traded behemoths that are always under attack by today’s Black Racists.  In manufacturing, the skill level is so high in todays highly automated plants that the only AA hires tend to be women.  Women in general, whether white or black, tend to perform above black males in any work that is not overtly physical.  My observation, you own your observation.

The greater threat always hanging around is unionization.  Here too, we decoupled from capital investment that had a high potential for unionization years ago.  This included the sale of shares in perhaps the world’s largest air carrier; where even today unionization is minimal except amongst pilots, whose union is toothless.

From a managerial perspective it is the contract operation in Atlanta that is most troublesome.  Before I continue however, let me stress somethingNot all AA hires are bad hires.  The AA hires that you see that are bad are within organization where there is a great deal of pressure to meet “numerical” targets, whatever the source of that pressure.  This pressure in government is overwhelming and we intentionally work-around or refuse to bid on work offered by some governments, including the City of Atlanta.  The managers problem is AA hires do come with workplace attitude.  If a non-AA coworker makes even a minor complaint in regards to an AA hire, you may see a Black Racist agitator at your doorstep.

The manager of course NEVER wants to deal with a Black Racist agitator.  Can you blame him/her?  It’s like I overheard one black neighbor say to another black neighbor in a high-end Atlanta community in regards to another black neighbor who routinely parked 12 cars in his driveway:  “it’s just trashy.”  This comment occured when a Black Racist had interjected himself into a meeting of home owners.  Do you want to deal with this or live elsewhere?  (A community by the way where my construction company owns 270 lots.  Can you say “sell them?”)

The solution?  We have labor attorneys meet with and coach our professionals on how to deal with race, Affirmative Action, contact with union members, and all sorts of labor issues where we not only need to protect ourselves, but our clients.

A better solution to all of this ….. offshore it where prejudice against Caucasians and Asians (primarily male) is not built into the government.


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