Medical Care

I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for almost 53 years.  I can write volumes related to healthcare not only in America, but in Europe and Asia as I have always been prone to tripping into DKA when any bacterial or viral infection comes along.  Because of this, I have visited emergency rooms globally.  In fact, one of the reasons for the corporate purchase of a much larger aircraft was the ability to carry doctor and assorted medical supplies/medicines along when in areas I’d really rather not be in anyway, such as for example, Viet Nam or the Philippines.

I fly back to Atlanta to see my regular physician who has informed me that his practice is dissolving and closing.  His practice includes eight doctors.  They reside in a severely economically depressed area where the payees are primarily Medicare and Medicaid.  The staff of doctors has dwindled as they have bled off to more financially prosperous locations.  It is rare to find a specialist in the area.  There is no longer a local ophthalmologist for example.

All Liberals see is support for those who cannot cover the cost of their healthcare, no matter the reason for the poor health, even if for instance it includes things like heavy smoking and tubal pregnancy as I have cited here in other posts.  Liberals dehumanize all those who carry the cost of this care to objects whose sole purpose is to generate wealth to be transferred by them to their chosen group.  This also of course includes unions and the political machine that breathes life into dead Democrats — dead though they may be walking and talking.

My greatest fear is that those like myself who do not have the financial means to force quality care, will lose it.  Liberals would say that is already the case.  I do not disagree actually, but I do not use that as an excuse to deny quality care to those who do have the means to afford it.

Liberals are forcing healthcare in America into a state of mediocrity just as they have public education.  In education, standards were lowered, test scores faked and manipulated, and money thrown around like play sand all in the name of the Negro.  Genetics will not lie, irregardless of Liberal academia shouting at the rooftop about how intellectually equal black are to Eurasians; these sorry Liberal bastards will not stare fact in its’ cruel face.

Allow Liberals to continue.  They are digging their own graves.  Unfortunately they are digging the graves for others who do not support their trash mentality.

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