Where am I?

Oops!!  I am uncertain as to whether I updated my WordPress crown on progress towards construction of a Colt Model 1911 gun factory in the Great State of Alabama.  The specification of flexible machine cells is complete and we are working on the placement of these machines and a strong dose of robotics that will bring down the labor count. 

This has been tremendous fun.  It had been 17 years since I dealt with robotics in manufacturing when the Realjock Entrepreneurs Challenge closed almost two years ago and seeded a company in Texas that has grown and thrived.  (This company by the way is being sold — to the Chinese.)  The gun plant is starting with as much vertical integration as we can manage for a startup. 

That vertical integration will include hammer forging of barrels, with some machining to clean up the barrel to fit the Model 1911 barrel profile.  Perhaps a first for a Model 1911, the barrel will have hexagonal rifling.  The recoil spring will also be of far longer life than is seen in any current production Model 1911.  An example of the 1911 is seen below, this a Wilson Combat.

And no, I do not mind plugging Wilson.  By all means go purchase one.  They are AWESOME pistols.  I own as many flavors of the Model 1911 as I can locate, as well as every Glock model chambered for the 45 ACP.

While I’m rattling, another issue I am going to address for you 1911 fans out there is the erosion of the feed ramp that can occur with aluminum frames.  It is my firm belief that there is no quality issue with the aluminum frames I have examined and currently own.  I own several Kimbers with aluminum frames.  The issue comes when hollow point bullets are used where the edge of the bullet tip is, by feel, almost a cutting edge.  The force which is exerted on this edge when it strikes (strike being the correct word) is considerable.  I have even witnessed surface marking of steel 1911 frames where the feed ramp is part of the frame, e.g., no ramped barrel is used.  We are going to place a Stellite or other cobalt alloy ramp in this area.  We have yet to decide whether this will be removable by the gun owner as a service part.

That’s about all for now.  I think all of you who carry a Model 1911 as your defensive weapon will be in awe as to how a DoubleTap 45 ACP round performs in a 5 inch 1911 barrel with hexagonal rifling.  Hit your thug center mass, and the thug will fall as quickly as Thugster Traygone Martin.


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