Beautiful Things Fall to Savages

This I posted a few days ago.  It is a design of architect Keenan Perry.  Mr. Perry passed from this world before the current owners of this home were surrounded by massive crime driven by Homo sapiens v. Africanus.  Of course, Africanus seeing white folk own this place have taxed the hell out of it.

The solution, is to move the sucker.  Dismantle and reconstruct piece by piece.  I have managed to save over twenty antebellum and pre-1930s homes in my short lifetime.  Some homes can not be saved from the ravages of Africanus as communities fall into blight and pillage.  These are always masonry structures such as Longwood in Natchez, Mississippi, although Longwood is safe along with others such as Oak Alley.

The South has also lost many churches from times past.  These tend to be in large southern cities such as New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Birmingham, and a few others.  Historically, Africanus segregates into cities and in some cases counties, as is seen with the home above in Bulloch County, Alabama.

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