CNS Alleles

An Allele is DNA that is one of two or more forms of a gene.  It may also be a genetic ‘locus’ comprised of several genes.  This is not uncommon knowledge.  However, for all of the commonality humans supposedly share — keep in mind in the egalitarian liberal world we are all the same down to each allele, an obvious lie since we would all be clones — we differ dramatically in the alleles we carry and with what other species we share them, i.e.  Pan troglodytes and Homo sapiens v. Africanus share “exact” copies of alleles across the two species, although the overall number is low.  (Did they interbreed?)

The single largest group of individuals on this planet are of species Homo sapiens Eurasianensis.  The alleles that drive the formation of the central nervous system are on broad scale different from Homo sapiens v. Africanus.  The evolutionary track for this difference is not clear, even if one assumes Cro-magnon as some say originated in Africa, overcame the population in Europe via the Out of Africa story.

Oddly, the black skinned African has no genetic history back down the evolutionary tree to black ancestors in the far past.  In fact, black skinned Africans appear to have originated after “Out of Africa” occurred, around 10-12,000 years ago.  When we look at the Chimpanzee, we only see a slightly higher degree neoteny in Homo sapiens v. Africanus.  The baby chimp looks very human in structure and has white skin.  As the baby matures, the skin becomes blacker, just as it does in Homo sapiens v. Africanus.

Is this a bad thing?  Absolutely not.  It does beg the question however as to why Liberals refuse to see facts based upon well founded genetic data.  Furthermore, keep in mind that African-Americans are as a group hybrids.  Depending on culture and social attitude as time passes, they may very well further approach the genetic composition of Homo sapiens v. Eurasianensis.

A rather fascinating body of work to me is computational genomics of such differences in not only alleles but distinct loci within Homo DNA.  Part of this fascination comes from my enjoyment of high-performance computing and mathematics, as well as the identification of engineering targets within the Homo genome.  One of the real issues associated with this body of work can be the lack of a large population from which to view strengths and weaknesses of individuals and relate these to differences in nuclear DNA. 

As an example, Ötzi, found in the Ötztal Alps in 1991 gives us no large pool of genetic material that can be viewed across a large group that would allow the identification of the source DNA for certain characteristics.  Fortunately, at 5,000 years old, Ötzi is not so far removed we can not compare to some degree with modern Homo, even though Ötzi’s lineage appears to have vanished.

The CNS alleles carried by Homo sapiens v. Eurasianensis gave rise to modern civilizations.  While it is true black Africans represented by Homo sapiens v. Africanus introduced sub-saharan DNA into the Egyptian population, they simply introduced dysgenic DNA that has led Egypt to his current malaise.

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