Computational DNA Profiling and Molecular Genetic Engineering

There are those who so completely dismiss genetic variation that induces significant differences in individuals, particularly between the traditional races, that not only would they rail at DNA profiling, but they would deny individuals with serious illness the result such profiling can bring to the medical arts.  I have been witness to the pressure generated within liberal researchers when they realize that life’s story written in DNA does not match their liberal egalitarianism.  Some will in fact “freeze” where they sit in their research efforts and move to other areas of research or simply become non-producing researchers.  Fortunately, the risk taking alleles that reside in some researchers push them straight forward into the fats they discover and they are energized and produce work that will some day aid all mankind or that portion of mankind that does not fall into dysgenic chaos.

As the medical arts move forward there will be some treatments that aid individuals while harming others, with some seeing no net effect from the treatment.  DNA profiling will step to the fore as an aid in not killing those to whom the treatment is damaging.  Having said this, you see the potential good and bad.  Mankind in what I have said is split into three distinct groups based upon the effect of medical treatments, those treatments being targeted to specific alleles or DNA loci within the agregate human genome.

At the same time this research and medical practice is progressing nature’s selectors are either increasing in effect or diminishing.  Modern man has greatly minimized many natural selectors.  While man has minimized many of those that have expressive counterparts in our DNA, others have come onto the playing field with massive effect, i.e., HIV in Africa.  HIV is not elective genetically.  It is selective however based on cultural or pseudo-cultural (the behavior of gay men and drug users as an example) habits.  For the gay man, you see dependence for life upon retro-viral medications because they live “I can’t have sex with a condom and I must have sex, lots of it.”  (From this perspective religion by the way, is a positive selector.)

Today, model organisms are the entity most used by molecular genetic engineers.  I will not step off into this subject area in any detail.  If you have interest in studying this area further, I suggest you consult relevent texts on the topic.  I would like to add that two mammalian models currently exist in the orangutan and the chimpanzee.  Within western democracies, man as model is limited.  This is not however the case in the overall eurasianensis  and africanus population, the later having been used in the 1950’s and 1960’s in America, as were eurasianensis in American prisons, for non-genetic research.  Man is currently a model for computational genetic engineering and to some degree actual DNA manipulation.

A somewhat oblique approach to computation genetic engineering is reasearch in the areas of stem cells, retroviral defense and usage to carry mobile DNA, and cloning.  Cloning occurs primarily in mammals other than man, though this is not the case in isolated areas of the globe.

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