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Poo’ Boys

A surveillance camera set up to capture wildlife instead caught two men hiding behind a fence after a home invasion robbery in Brentwood on Sunday, July 15, 2012.  — Photo by Jacob Schuh

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James E. Holmes

I am thankful that James E. Holmes, the paradigm for violent Evil, made it on The Thug Report: Let’s hope Colorado learns to move as quickly as Texas in eliminating such slime from the face of the earth.  

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Barack Obama: Even Idiots Sometimes Hit Their Mark

I will say one thing to Barack Obama: he has made the business climate in the U.S. the most treacherous I have seen in my lifetime.  Having said that, that is not the worst thing that he could have done, … Continue reading

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The General Take of Liberals

The general point taken from a Liberal perspective is that to improve an economy all one has to do is create demand.  Therefore we had Obama’s most impressive Stimulus I along with Bernanke’s Quantitative Easing, lots of printing of money, … Continue reading

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PMG Metals Update

I’m terribly lazy today.  In fact, I’ve slept most of the day other than running out for breakfast as the breeze has carried the sound of the waves toward’s my hammock.  (Yes, I love those things.)  Therefore, I have not … Continue reading

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We Were Caught Off Guard in Aurora

Being primarily a conservative and secondly a gay man, I’m going to have a bitch session about HIPPA and related legislation that blocks the common public knowledge of paranoid schizophrenics and a host of other potential deadly persons, e.g., those with AIDS who … Continue reading

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It predated HUD; it housed Evil too.


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Photo of the Day

Eric Holder, founder of The African Reich, showing off his favorite ‘blinged’ weapon.  

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A Photo for All Time

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Photo of the Day: The Affirmative Action Prodigy

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