Bill Clinton Must Have a Lemonade Stand in Every Tract Home Development in America

No one else other than Bill would be so damn foolish as to promote such a thing.  Now lest you joust at me for being critical of Bill and tract homes, just wait, now we have tract condos. This was what George Zimmerman was protecting from black thugs when he was attacked by young Traygone, sending the thugster to the hell in which he belonged.

Now days, a considerable number of developers who weren’t so great at what they did in the good days, are turning good communities with custom homes into low cost “let’s buy a home” tract subdivisions in an effort to float their sorry rears into the new future.  Of course, there are worse things, one being Section 8 Housing Vouchers that bring the ghetto thugs into your mostly white community so you can experience the “equality” we all so richly deserve.  Upon execution of this brainchild concept of the liberal mind you know longer have to worry about not being “underwater” on your mortgage.  It’s a guarantee you’ll soon be underwater.

I have noticed that there are areas in America that continue to thrive as clandestine “Whitopias.” They will not be named here, as I may yet need to retreat to one of them, although that is a remote possibility as my stretch of beach sells for $280,000 per linear foot and we’re not zoned for clusterfuck condos friends.  Wonder who the richest black man in Amerika [no spelling error] might be?  Bill Cosby doesn’t count as he is no black man.

When I get a little miffed at the undue pressures placed upon by the ever growing number of individuals with IQ’s less than 90 being supported by my tax dollars, I fire up the turbines and fly my can over to some fine Swiss city of perhaps Salzburg, Austria, where narry a ‘Section Eighter’ breaks my concentration.  To listen to all the liberal retards in America, the white man is doomed.  (This statement could be confirmation that white liberals are as we have always thought, just plain old niggers.)

If you are conservative I want to leave you with a thought that might brighten your day:  Liberals depend on Conservatives to “make things happen” in our economy.  The unproductive Liberal has always relied on productive conservatives.  America, thank God, is reaching the breaking point as to being able to provide enough wealth transfer via “transfer of payments” to keep the leeches going.  Then too, white conservatives are getting better at aiming and killing the liberal black thugs more effectively in “Stand Your Ground” states. 

Take heart.  We’re going to give them a chicken wing of which they will not have to fight a dog, seagull, or some other creature for and they will forever rest in peace.


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