From Natural Stressors to Engineered Stressors

The overall crime rate in China is about 10% of the crime rate in America.  The violent crime rate in China is about 1% of the violent crime rate in America.  Why?

The Chinese government, even with corruption being endemic to the government in general, applies the engineered stressors of severe punishment to the criminal.  One could say that the Chinese live under a system much like the Jim Crowe South prior to the 1960’s when the commission violent crime meant certain death.

In present day America the natural stressors or selectors that bound crime include death by drug overdose, death due to criminal influence on the body, and similar non-government, e.g. enforcement of criminal code, stressors.  One could argue that the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman was expression of a selector and I do not disagree; however, I classify this type of stressors as a first generation ‘Engineered Stressors.’

Government to some degree has been destroying natural selectors for some time via social welfare programs that support large portions of the population who produce a vast percentage of overall crime.  This is the opposite of what one sees in China, where committing a violent crime leads to one’s head being removed.

We will live in a wonderful time when our ‘engineered stressors’ are dysgenic to the criminal himself/herself.

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