7mm Remington Magnum

I’m slowly preparing for the fall hunting season by getting rifles in order for those days where I can just pick one up and shoot.  It has been some time since I used an old Browning BAR in 7mm Remington Magnum for deer, but I ran across the Federal Premium Hyper Velocity, 7mm shells loaded with 110 Grain Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock ammo.  These all copper beauties are known for excellent penetration and at 3,500 fps out of the muzzle, shoot flatter than Earl Scruggs used to sing.

I’ve placed a Leupold on the old Browning having moved its’ previous Diavari C over to a 300 Weatherby bolt gun.  I’m yet to place a Hensoldt on the new Remington 375, but I figure when I wander into Cleburne County Alabama to hunt hog this year I’ll try it on one of those 1,200 bull pigs.  Let’s hope that doesn’t just anger him.










Above is a 1,051 pound Mississippi hog.  I won’t take anything away from those Mississippi boy, but Alabama hogs are often just as large.  There have been record setters in Cleburne County of similar weight.

After I calmed down from laughing and rolling on the floor, I convinced a young family member that his .223 Remington assault rifle was not exactly as powerful as he thought and it was probably not a good idea to hunt hog with it.  I’m uncertain as to what it is but today’s youngsters seem to be missing the essentials of physics — not to mention the essentials of hogs — that leads them to believe every silly story pushed into the press by pure idiots. 

I’m veering way off course here, but it reminds me of a supposed conservative member of RealJock.com, who quipped last night that he was so afraid of firearms that he would never have one in his home.  Perhaps a solution to his dilemma is a trip along with me to Georgia where we’ll hunt hog (no season) in third heat.  I’ll ride in the four-wheeler and he can be my ground scout.  As scout, he should have ample opportunity to begin — the key word being begin — a conversation with a cooper head, diamond back rattler, or even an old cotton mouth moccasin less a weapon.  End of problem.

Why is it so many gay men have to be wussies?  My mother once killed a cotton mouth that had managed to pry through a screen door and into the foyer of our old home out on the farm.  She rapped it over the head with an iron skillet not wanting to mark the floors with buckshot.  The woman always traveled with a loaded pistol, as even in those times you never knew what a ‘darkie’ might be up to.

Well, the 7mm.  I have hunted hog with it.  Good shot placement is the key.  We all know that.  Your typical hog that is living in farm areas generally doesn’t live long enough to become a 1,200 pound whopper.  This year in fact I have killed hog in an early culling using a 7mm in bolt action.

I’ve rambled enough.  Have fun in your hunting.



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