Democrats as Anti-Semites

I am seeing an amazing number of pro-Muslim anti-Jewish Democrats these days.  On the gay site, the number of far-left Democrats and Socialists that spew hatred towards Jews is increasing at a fairly good clip.  Like many brain-dead or brain-washed people I suppose they are just following the lead of their anti-American, anti-Jew leader Barack Hussein Obama.   He was not given the name Hussein for no reason at all by his Communist White mother, as she was not married to but copulating with Barack’s Muslim father when she signed that birth certificate.  (I believe it to be valid as she returned to Hawaii to her mother fleeing the abuse of her Muslim sex partner.)

I would suggest to Jewish Americans that you think long and hard when voting for Barack Obama on November 6, 2012.  I not seeing anti-Semitism around myself like so many others, posed the question not too long ago as to why Jews voted for Democrats to a friend who is Jewish.  His reply was because Democrats stood up against discrimination.  I being an life-long conservative was amazed.  There had been no Jewish discrimination in my community amongst my peers.  Do I and did we resist the stupidity of blacks being forced upon white society?  Absolutely.  They are as stupid today as they were 40 years ago — except for those where good old caucasian DNA is mixing in.  (I truly do not give a damn if you disagree.)

The Persians, today’s Iranians, have the desire to wash Jews from the face-of-the-planet.  Will Barack Obama commit all to their defense?  Or will be allow the Persians — his Muslim brethren — to do what Hitler could not?



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