My exact words were, “why would I give it to people like you?” “It’s not yours bumb ass.”

I am not frightened one bit by the results of the November 6, 2012 U.S. Presidential election.  Why?  One of the greatest wedges ever driven into the electorate has been the attack on success and the successful by Barack Obama and his cronies.  They have successfully painted themselves into a narrow ideological base, supported by fellow ideologues and such groups as vapid gay men with brains of much.  Where are the lesbians in this battle by the way?  Perhaps living in success so hated by Obama.

I listened respectfully at dinner last evening to an old queen carrying on a tirade against the rich until he turned the conversation towards me and stated, “why won’t you give up your wealth to better society?”

My full reply was, “why would I give it to people like you?”  “It’s not yours dumb ass.”


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