Liberals are born with a constant itch at an undisclosed location of their anatomy.

I have had the opportunity to relax in a decent hotel this afternoon and spend time on my favorite Libtard site otherwise known as laughing my ass off at the stupid liberal crowd.  They are just in a tizzie that PimpDaddy Obama is going to lose in November.  It is like they are nearing the end of the world and see Hell staring them in the face.  Although Hell may be the only viable option for these most oft Atheist, I feel that whining and doomspeak is due to a constant itch in the anus.

These mostly big city Craptids have relied on government or unions for most of their pathetic lives as a means of support.  Socialism is an easy thing for them because they live off the productive in a quasi-democracy in 2012 where the productive members of the once great democracy are awakening from a long sleep and realizing like in Wisconsin, these trashy people have been screwing the nations non-liberals for a very long time.

Within all this ‘crappage’ foisted onto Americans by Liberals, I am pleased I am able to maintain an extreme level of anonymity through the various social websites I visit.  I for one do not desire the public role of Sheldon Adelson or others who have stepped up to the plate in the battle to defeat PimpDaddy.  For the work I am willing to pursue the SuperPACs are ideal sinks for cash in order to deploy troops to the ground so that a minimum Republicans maintain control of the U.S. House and gain control of the U.S. Senate.

What does surprise me is that Democrats — the far left Socialist group at least — have been in such disarray that they are not telling their click’ that they are seriously in trouble in many of the states where senate seats may flip, not to mention and continued drive by conservatives to capture even more house seats.  Georgia for example, in combination with Texas, will in effect flip four house seats that were dropped out of the Liberal Northeast and rust belt otherwise known as PimpDaddy’s cheering ground.

If a Liberal threatens your life on the street, make sure you only shoot once with a nice decent round like the 10mm.  You will have done a favor for the world around you.

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