What I am most thankful for…..

What is the greatest gift one can have?  It is one I possess. 

It is the ability to dramatically help and change someone’s life who is meek, unassuming, and not demanding help from you.  It is the desire and ability to help those people who do not live under the Liberal yoke of “ENTITLEMENT.”

“I’m black and you owe it to me.”  “I’m hispanic and you owe it to me.” “I’m poor and you owe me a decent life.”  “I’m ill and you must sacrifice, not I, to meet my medical needs.”  All these people know is to demand of you.

The cherished gift is to become aware of a sincere persons need and meet it without them ever knowing.  It’s a gift.  Spread it around using your own wisdom, not that of some Pimp in Washington D.C.

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