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Photo of the Day

Eric Holder, founder of The African Reich, showing off his favorite ‘blinged’ weapon.   Advertisements

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A Photo for All Time

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Photo of the Day: The Affirmative Action Prodigy

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What I am most thankful for…..

What is the greatest gift one can have?  It is one I possess.  It is the ability to dramatically help and change someone’s life who is meek, unassuming, and not demanding help from you.  It is the desire and ability … Continue reading

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Tornado Siren

I am not speaking of a literal tornado siren in my title line, but a figurative siren that sounded decades ago in America that no one heard then and certainly are not hearing today.  The sad fact of the matter … Continue reading

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Chromosome 1: neuroblastoma breakpoint family, member 15

Maybe not much sleep for me tonight.  I was e-mailed the first result of some new work we began on a gene residing on chromosome 1 using a cohort based in Europe as source material.  The gene is of course a … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the Day

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