Travel, Chick-Fil-A, Gold, and Lack of Boredom

We are some 700 nm out from the east coast of the U.S. headed to a touchdown at Heathrow here in a few hours. I’ve needed to get back across the pond to check on family, conduct a little business, and make sure Europe hasn’t fallen completely into the hands of Liberal Elitists as Chick-Fil-A so brought out of the woodwork this week.  In honor of these Liberal Elitests — Barack ObamaLamaDingDong included — I give you this:

I better hit the rack here.  (Sleeping in flight has never been comfortable to me because you have this damn safety thing on you.  I DO NOT want to get tossed about.)  First however, the current spot price on gold we’re moving to support cash flow:


Ya’ll have fun.

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