My Sabatical and E-Mail Account Attacks

I’m back fans!!!!

Hopefully I am not so unnoticeable that I have not been missed of late.  I’m once again within the confines of CONUS and about to take a few days totally away from all business so I can walk the beach and unwind.  There have been a few interesting things to occur in my absence.

First of course is the announcement that Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate.  Hooray!!!  Don’t take it now that I am in love with either one of these guys, though Ryan I could easily fall for politically, but the crux of the matter is Romney has made a most remarkable distinction between he and the ObamLamaDingDong beast.

I also was surprised today that someone has tried to compromise an e-mail account I use whose address is known “publicly.”  For those of you who might love reading my private e-mails, don’t worry you wouldn’t get any enjoyment from this account.  I realize it is always open to compromise.

More later.




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