Being nudged into comment by a fan.

Sometimes I can spring forth from my hibernation and respond to chastisement by one of my readers.  Even though I am enjoying my arrival in Thomasville, Georgia here goes.

My reader expressed dismay that I had not vocalized anger at one Morris Dees, the only professional white flim-flam artist of which I know who ranks up there with one Barack Obama.  I have not verified my readers comments, but it seems he/she was aghast that Mr. Dees’ own Southern Poverty (Let’s Enrich Morris) Law Center listed the American Family Research Council as a, get this, HATE GROUP.  Of course, I’m beating around the bush here, but my reader desired me to comment on Morris.

What can I say?  Anyone with a brain knows not to send cash to the supposedly impoverished SPLC — as those funds seem to float over into the personal accounts of Morris.  It’s legal folks.  Morris can pay himself $50MM a year if he so desires.  I have less conflict with Morris and his flim-flam ability than i do those idiots sending him funds.

Hey, the man is working for it folks.  Morris, our white nigger, works for his money as much as the real nigger down on the corner of Columbia Avenue and Conley St. in College Park, Georgia.  Look at it this way:  at least Morris — our white nigger or whigger — doesn’t shoot his customers.

My belief is and has been for most of my life that we white Americans of European descent have put up with clowns like Morris Dees for way too many years.  We have been stupid in that we have given him recognizable people with mouths sometimes saying things that Morris has wisely used to raise funds.  He has used these people — and poor dumb black asses — to become a millionaire.

So settle down fans.  Clandestine work is more effective than a frontal assault.  That shooting at the American Family Research Council will bring fruit.

Patience please.  Understand that the time for violence, that will come from Heaven and not man, is yet before us.  🙂  Morris doesn’t understand that because the only god he knows is himself.

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