Barack Obama’s Model for America

The model cherished by Barack Obama and Democrats is an elderly Hispanic or African lady who is drawing Social Security. This grandmother will have daughters in the household and if she fathered sons, they are in prison, dead, or out copulating in order to add a child to some other grandmothers domicile.  This model becomes complete when grandmama and daughters make a trip to the local Social Security office where grandmama can claim benefits for the children to the tune of some $600 each, after of course the daughter or daughters have explained to a typically black office worker they are unemployed. 

Reality is these young fertile ladies are earing a living for the entire group by being a cum dump for some no count heathen buck who several times a week takes time out from the “crime life” to father yet another child.

But oh Barack Obama has a soft spot for these poor chillin’ and he will set out to destroy anyone who opposes his lust to sustain such behavior.

Me thinks Barack Obama’s fate was long sealed in the Halls of Heaven.

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