Who is the arrogant one?

The year 2012 has been the most entertaining year in regards to politics and social life I have seen in decades.  America, by only 3,000,000 votes of some 120,000,000 cast decided our Socialist In Chief Barack Obama deserved — or perhaps laughingly was no different than Mitt Romney so by default — should sit in the seat of power for another four years.  The entertainment in this is for folks like myself who understand Barack Obama’s arrogance discombobulates an artificial man (one who rode on the back of Affirmative Action and White Guilt) so he believes he can fully control a great nation from the executive branch of government.

It is curious that the legislature in Michigan is so completely controlled by conservatives that today Michigan has a “Right-to-Work” law about to be signed.  Freedom you see is not a union requiring you as an individual who does not believe in unions to pay dues.  It is rather an individual right not controlled by a Socialist Collective.

Amazing isn’t it?  That Socialist Collective mentality pervades Barack Obama and all Democrats, yet they can never admit they know it does, else they will fade as the cut grass into dryness and forever be gone.

So I ask, “Can they say they are not arrogant?”  Sure.  The lie will end them however.

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