I quote from The Freeman.org

“Over the centuries the normal human condition has been subsistence in a state of  relative poverty.  Wealth was the exception rather than the rule.  The first major  work of economics, written in 1776 by Adam Smith, was appropriately entitled An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations.  It was  the existence of wealth and prosperity that required an explanation, not the  fact of poverty; hence economists and social scientists beginning with Smith have  sought to discover the cause of wealth.  An examination of the shortcomings of  many common explanations for the existence of poverty offers insight into the  real cause of prosperity.”

Ever wondered why you are not fabulously wealthy? I assume if you are reading this and the question applies to you, you are at least accomplished enough in life to own a computer and can read and write. Rest assured that those individuals who have enabled the price of computing hardware to fall to a point where some of you, who did not previously own a computer, most likely reside on the wealth side of the “poverty != wealth” expression.  If you are one of the chosen with an ObamaPhone, I hope your display is large enough to read this.  Obama after all cures all the ills of poverty.  (I’m laughing my ass off folks.)

It is obvious poverty is not a condition equal to wealth. It is less obvious to most — most especially liberals — that those in poverty externalize the reasons for their lack of wealth, where those possessing wealth and the ability to create it  internalize the causes of any failure not to produce wealth.  This innate ability to externalize is so well codified in the mindset of liberals that the “artificial man” created through Affirmative Action otherwise known as Barack Obama easily let it roll from his tongue “you didn’t build that, someone else did.”

We are nearing the day when wealth is going to forcefully cleave itself from poverty never again to carry those who cannot carry themselves.

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