The $18,207.99 Weapon

I made a trip early this afternoon to a gun dealer this afternoon to order a weapon that lists for $18,207.99.  I am absolutely certain this weapon is going to spout legs and run around American schools killing children.  Sounds nonsensical doesn’t it?

Although I agree there may have been fewer killed in the mass murder in Connecticut were such weapons not available, it seems odd to me that Liberals have never wanted to place any blame on any criminal for their actions.  Could it be that at heart all Liberals are criminal?  If that is the case — and jails do seem to be filled with more Obama voting liberals (criminals) than with conservative voting criminals — perhaps the purchase of an $18,207.99 weapon is needed so we conservatives can defend ourselves from Liberals.

Then too, perhaps fate will lend a hand.  A friend did suggest that the best way to stop crime in cities such as Atlanta and Detroit was to place a truck of guns on every corner with the intent of passing out rifles and ammunition.  Problem solved.  Now just think of the uproar from Liberals as their voter base kills itself off.

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