Back to Clinton Era Taxes: What’s the big fuss?

Silly boys, that pair of guys we know as Harry and Barry.  The deal that was made in 2011 in regards to spedning cuts and taxes is about to come to pass.  Everyone is about to pay more in taxes — with some even paying greater taxes than they did under Clinton era rates — that were put in place to float Obamacare.

I have never been quite sure why Barry objects to what will occur on January 1, otherwise known by Ben’s name “fiscal cliff.”  He is going to get that tax increase he so dearly wants.  Could it truly be that he so strongly believes in the transfer of wealth that he desire only the top 1% to pay for his ever more bloated federal government?

I assure you Barry underestimates that top 1%.  We actually don’t give a damn what he does.  The world is greater than one lowly Barry Obama.  Barry will fade into the past in less than five years and although he may very well have destroyed America, we will have survied in grand scale.

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