Sam Hose Execution Site Being Paved Over

Sam Hose (circa 1875 – April 23, 1899) was an African-American worker who was tortured and executed by a lynch mob in Coweta County, Georgia

Sam Hose, a.k.a. Sam Holt, was born Tom Wilkes in south Georgia near  Marshallville around 1875. He grew up on a Macon County farm owned by the Jones family. His mother was a long-time employee of the family.  Wilkes moved to Coweta County, where he assumed the alias Sam Hose.

When one searches the Internet seeking a description of the events that occurred before the execution of Sam Hose, one finds several versions of events.  For instance, it is told on some web sites that Sam Hose was apprehended in Marshallville, Georgia ands returned to Coweta County where he was executed.  Sam Hose was actually apprehended in Griffin, Georgia, some 45 miles from where he had killed a man with an ax, raped the man’s wife, and destroyed the left eye of an infant.

The events around such an event tend to be much clearer in recollection of the family upon whose members such acts were committed.

The landscape has changed and the area has grown, but work commenced last week that will permanently cover in asphalt the very location where Tom Wilkes, a.k.a. Sam Hose, Sam Holt, paid a cruel price for the crimes he had committed.




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