A mother’s anger: Stop linking autism to violence

The title of this post came from the top listing of news.google.com loaded in my browser a few moments ago.  The title shocked my sensibilities (some say I have none) and popped into my mind a horrid scene I witnessed a few years in the past when a teenager who suffered from autism literally picked up a family member and sent him crashing into and collapsing a heavy oak communion table.

You see, in Liberal American society it is acceptable to commit such an act of violence as long as the person committing the act suffers from autism.

The family member was rushed to the hospital via ambulance, recovered quickly, and suffered no long term physical injury.  To say that those who attended worship in the church was somewhat altered, is perhaps describing a mild change that occurred in the church.  The event brought a laser focus to the possibility that a person with the form of mental illness known as autism, can exert explosive level of violence.

I do not know the mother who expressed anger in the Google News article.  I only know my church should send her the bill for the new communion table.  That is the least she can do to recompense the innocent, the innocent not being the individual who exerted violence due to autism.


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