A Retreat

Shortly after the first of the year I am scheduled to pay a visit to the fine old city of Thomasville, Georgia.  If you have scanned by blog today you have likely connected the name Thomasville to a video posted this very day.  The video is a laughable little thing perhaps providing commentary that not much as truly changed in the 150 years since the beginning of the war that raked Thomasville’s inhabitants — though not its’ homes — and most of Geogia’s citizens.  Thankfully, there is freedom in Thomasville this day.  Freedom in many forms.

There are 112 plantations surrounding Thomasville. Less than 1% of these are open to the public. Many have been owned by northern elites for more than one-hundred years, but the current trend is for the big northeastern power-house trusts, many set up by the very liberals who championed destruction of the south of 150 years ago, to sell them as the trusts see incomes fall.

The world that exists within the Thomasville plantation would not be recognizeable to owners of old.  There is no great need for labor on those plantations that remain working farms.  Instead of strong black men hoeing rows of cotton, one sees massive machinery crossing fields at considerable speed, in some cases setting records of plowing up to 800 acres per day, a task that in 1850 would have required tens of dozens of slaves and mules and several weeks.

The mechanization — and selection of crops grown — has provided serene isolation to those who enjoy the mansions, stables, horses — of course — and all the other things a well managed and isolated plantation can bring.  For now it exists, though hard days will come.  I cannot imagine the hatred that now drives our nation allowing it to remain forever.

There is true feedom in Thomasville today.  A freedom no longer bound to people in the present who themselves are bound to a past.

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