News from Alabama

cj — In my effort to clean up this blog, I am becoming as liberal as local TV by not citing the race of criminals.  However…..if a criminal has a name like “Quintarious” and you think that is a normal name, you’re obviously not a white person.

IRONDALE, Alabama – Police arrested a trio of suspects they say robbed three men in Irondale just an hour after they stormed a Liberty Park home in Vestavia Hills.

Maricuz Harper, Julius Hunter and Quintarious Mitchell, all 20 and of Birmingham, are charged with three counts of robbery and are in jail.

Irondale police Det. Michael Mangina said a patrol officer stopped them Friday night after noticing their burgundy Dodge Minivan matched the lookout bulletins broadcast over police radios from Vestavia Hills and Irondale police. The men were taken into custody on Montclair Road in Birmingham.


cj — A reader noted: “Some cities like to participate in cultural exchange programs. It seems like Birmingham wants to share it’s criminals  and crime culture with other cities in the region. How nice…thank you, Birmingham, for sharing….”

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