The Gay Man’s Page Redux

Since my high school years when I was first introduced to Latin by a teacher of senior age whose mind had slipped off into a world composed of classical art and language, I have from time-to-time stopped life, sat still, and reflected on how a single word of Latin writes a story blooming as full as the old running roses across a Georgia field.  In this case the word is reducere or as used in my title line: redux.  In Latin reducere means “to lead back.”  Think about my title, “The Gay Man’s Page Redux.”

Let me drop the bomb and get it over with so you who will laugh can run on off to something more attuned to your mentality:  God is real and performs miracles this very day. 

If you are a gay reader, hear me out.  I will catch as much hell and damnation from you, my gay reader, for invoking the word God as I will from conservative Christians who may wander onto this site, for declaring myself a gay Christian. There. It’s done. I am willing to take that pounding from both groups because I know in my heart there is no difference between you two. Both have a problem. A problem it is rare for me to deal with because I long ago turned such “problems” over to God for Him to deal with in your behalf, without me having to tell you that neither side knows God at His highest and greatest. My very life is a miracle and I will not surrender that to a heathen of any form.

On a further note it should be obvious to anyone who has visited this site that I hold prejudices near my heart.  The most obvious is I have no sympathy at all for Blacks or Africans or whatever you call them you live a life like one Katt Williams.  One day he criticizes a movie producer for using the word “Nigger, only to go out in a few days and behave like said “Nigger” on the streets of L.A.  What confidence Katt Williams must inspire in his fellow Black folk.

Perhaps my lack of confidence in 99% of Black folk is most obvious, but let me assure you my lack of confidence in hellfire and brimstone homophobes is even more abundant; I just simply refuse to acknowledge them on this site except on rare occasion.

That’s it for now. May God’s grace be with each of you in 2013.

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