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Words Liberals Fear

Merry Christmas !!!!!

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Comments from Indiana: Randy Thornburg

It is with great sadness that I write this letter about the Newtown, Conn. tragedy. We as a nation mourn this despicable act of a coward and a very sick individual. That being said, I wish to address another matter … Continue reading

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Could it be politicians in Connecticut are responsible for the death of children?

While at this time Adam Lanza’s psychiatric diagnosis isn’t known, nor is whether he was being treated, published accounts of his behavior suggest that he fits into the autism spectrum which sometimes requires medications to control socially-unacceptable behavior. It is … Continue reading

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A mother’s anger: Stop linking autism to violence

The title of this post came from the top listing of loaded in my browser a few moments ago.  The title shocked my sensibilities (some say I have none) and popped into my mind a horrid scene I witnessed … Continue reading

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A Retreat

Shortly after the first of the year I am scheduled to pay a visit to the fine old city of Thomasville, Georgia.  If you have scanned by blog today you have likely connected the name Thomasville to a video posted … Continue reading

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Obama’s Boy

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Connecticut Firearms Code

The file attached below was pulled from the ATF 2008 listing of state and municipal firearms codes and ordinances.  Information in the first paragraph is for a state other than Conecticut.  One paragraph or so at the end of the … Continue reading

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