The Moveable Empire

Few would read the contents of this site and then expect me to express admiration for a movie based upon the lives of black folk. But let me tell you there is wisdom in the movie “The Color Purple” in so many ways it is unreal.  I cite this movie because there is a scene where Oprah Winfrey comes into Harpo’s saloon — and of course Oprah soon after the movie created Harpo Productions — where it is very obvious there is about to be a “cat fight.”  Cat fights between two black women are ALWAYS awesome and ALWAYS drag others into the fight.

Get a copy of the movie and watch the scene.  Notice that the musicians begin to place instruments in their cases and “fold up shop.”  One in fact makes the statement “time to go.” 

What very few liberal readers who venture onto my site I would think would never agree that I too can and do have the wisdom of those fine black musicians who knew when it was time to go.  In reality, since I typically don’t give a damn what any liberal has to say — other than to track their conniving nonsense — in this too I don’t give a fat happy damn what they think.  The Empire has moved and is being moved in many ways like the virtual entity it has become.  Now that we are through the first set of tax increases and little hope remains of long sustained future for many aspects of the business world in America, we are continuing to collapse and move what is left of the American branch of The Empire.  This is just plain practical business sense. 

I’m sure most lie-berals who have made it this far in my post are livid.  Guess what folks?  I do not owe you a damn thing.  Nor do I owe those sorry asses who voted that piece of trash Barack Obama and his fellow munchkins into office.  This is about survival and protection of minds like mine, not your sorry worthless asses.

You can however take heart and hope.  Few will move businesses from American shores in an effort to flee stupidity.  They will go down the tubes worshipping at the Alter of Socialism and slide off into the abyss with you.  The wonderful thing is they have made that choice by exercising free will.  A wonderful thing it is.

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2 Responses to The Moveable Empire

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog. I stumbled on it looking for information on the UTAS UTS-15. In some ways it reminds me of… Anyway, I was just wondering where one might considering moving to, as I feel you are right about where the USA is heading.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. There is no country that will ever be perfect — as long as it is ultimately governed by we humans that is — but I am a Swiss national. Home for me has been America as my father was American, my mother Swiss.

    Although you may be granted residency in Switzerland, do not count on becoming a Swiss citizen. That is entirely another matter. For instance, unlike America, an individual cannot fly to Switzerland, deliver a baby and that baby be granted Swiss citizenship just because he/she was born on Swiss soil.

    That very fact — citizen by birth as is granted in America — has protected Switzerland for the hundreds of years it has been a democracy; a direct democracy in fact where legislation would never be approved in a process where voters can cannabilize the incomes of others. That is not Switzerland.

    I would also suggest Singapore. Centuries old stability is not a part of Singspore, but if you are a tremendous over-achiver you’ll be fine. You can always do as I have for decades and spread your personal wealth across the globe. Never place your eggs in one basket. Lol.

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