One Damn Lucky Convict

First, a word from cj.  The woman who shot the Child of Obama below seriously needs praise and gun training.  She and her husband in fact.  Everyone knows a full-grown buck in the prime of his rut is an animal that a plain old .38 Special will likely not stop.  Need I say more?  Instead, this woman needs a nice Glock model 29SF loaded with Double Tap hollow points.  Center of the face — or better yet the mouth — and this perp would be sent to the morgue to be cremated rather than to a hospital for the good citizens of Georgia to have to pay to keep this piece of shit alive.

And yes woman….we will train you such that you can handle a ‘full-house’ 10mm..

Georgia mom home alone with kids shoots ex-con intruder

A Georgia mother shot an ex-convict six times to protect her and her children  after he apparently forced his way into the family’s home.

The mom heard knocks on her front door Friday and assumed it was just a  solicitor, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

She told her 9-year-old twins not to answer the door and, when the visitor  began repeatedly ringing the doorbell, she called her husband at his job and he  told her to

According to the Journal-Constitution, the father then dialed 911 and his  wife, who works from a home office, hid with the children in a crawlspace.

By that time, according to the paper, the intruder had used a crowbar to  forcibly enter the home, and made his way to the home office.

“He opens the closet door and finds himself staring down the barrel of a .38  revolver,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told the Atlanta  Journal-Constitution.

The woman fired six bullets, five of which hit Paul Ali Slater in the face  and neck area, Chapman said. But Slater, who has arrests dating to 2008 and was  released from jail in August, was still conscious.

“The guy’s face down, crying,” the sheriff said. The woman told him to stay  down or she’d shoot again.

While down, the woman and her children ran to a neighbor’s house, and the  injured intruder made it out of the home and into his car, the paper  reported.

Authorities found Slater a short time later bleeding profusely in a  neighbor’s driveway.

“I’m dying. Help me,” he told them, according to Chapman.

Slater was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center and is expected to survive,  the sheriff said.

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