They have a diploma, but do they possess ability?

One of the most difficult tasks facing a business is finding qualified people. I say this thinking in the context of an American business. For the vast overwhelming percentage of businesses external to the U.S., the task is not so much qualifying a diploma holding individual, but finding available individuals period.

Of course, what diploma am I speaking of? There are high school diplomas, trade school diplomas, and college level or secondary education diplomas. There are of course, mail order diplomas, etc — you get the idea of what America is today without me, cj, stating anything further.

If you have any understanding of law enforcement at all, you know that an exam or test is not an exam or test.  Apparently exams possess some racial quality such that they can be passed with a set score equalling a passing grade only for target races.  I personally did not know there was such a difference between races, but if you listen to the arguments made before the U.S. Supreme Court by several Amicus Curiae.briefs in behalf of New Haven, Connecticut in the famous White Firefighters Racial-Bias case, it’s pretty damn obvious some folks are stupid enough to believe an examination can indicate a person’s race.  I, never knew simple paper had such ability.

Now at this very moment workers in a fine meticulously mantained factory in China — of which I own in partnership with the Chinese government, who by the way contributed land and one-half the capital — .see each other as total complete equals.  There has been no examination devised in China that can tell me as an owner whether a worker is of Chinese descent or, let’s say, North Korean descent.  You want to hear chinese that evokes laughter?  raucous laughter?  Suggest an exam be devised to determine such fact.

Of course this is America.  It is important that we build an individuals self-esteem even if we have to lie to do so.  We have plenty of media types in concert with politicians of a certain bent to generate the illusion that all are equal as to their capabilities in this life.  Hell, we even got a President that way:  the Artificial Affirmative-Action Man.

Now me thinks my future may not be as secure in America as it is in a nation that sees an Ace as an Ace and a Spade as a Spade.  Substitute and apple for an orange if you desire.  They are after all according to some “fruits.”

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