I’m sorry, but that is actually sort of your problem.

Flowing from a moment of reflection…….

All across the southern states of America — and even up into North Dakota — there remain hundreds if not thousands of low-skill workers who are destitute if not homeless.  The great horde of illegal immigrants that flooded into the country during the building boom has ebbed and flowed to a great degree back across into Mexico.  What is left, is the horde of mothers and anchor babies that cost the tier of states across the southern U.S. millions per year in state and federal dollars giving welfare to these new U.S. citizens.  Talk of unintended consequences.  I doubt those who pushed for the amendment of the U.S. constitution to sublimely grant U.S. citizenship to Africans after America’s Civil War cared one damn bit about the wave of people one century later in effect drain food from your table.

America this is your problem.  If it means the ultimately collapse of a democracy molded by a stupid and ignorant electorate, so be it.  Enjoy the spoils of stupidity while they last.

Alas, work is to be created and empires to build elsewhere.

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