(Haushalte mit niedrigem Arbeitsintensität) Households with Low Work Intensity

I really love the title of this post. I first heard the phrase “Haushalte mit niedrigem Arbeitsintensität” in Austria. Austria, a country that is not known for “Political Correctness,” describes households in poverty as households with low work intensity.  It is the individual household members who are not generating enough work activity that are the cause of poverty.  In other words, Austrians do not believe there is an external “boogie man” that brings poverty upon a family.

In America of course what I have said is not politically correct.  One could never state that the root of poverty is the individual.  Such a statement is seen as criminal by the post-1964 Liberal crowd, who externalize all individual responsibility.  The “boogie man” to the Liberal is society.  The cure for the illness brought by the “boogie man” is to tax the held out of those individuals who have not externalized responsibility — they are archivers and over-achievers no matter their circumstances — and transfer their wealth to those who will not ever achieve sufficient work intensity to support themselves, much less a household.

I would think that Liberals might praise my mention of Austria.  Liberals you see believe many European nations reflect low poverty because of monstrous taxes and great wealth transfer.  That belief is a lie.  Most European nations have a lower overall net tax rate than America.  Furthermore, I cannot think of a single European nation (with the exception of Greece where no one pays taxes) where 48% to 50% of income producing households pay nothing in direct federal taxes.

I will save my thoughts on a comparison of education between Europe and the U.S. for a later post.  Those who see the “boogie man” lurking around every corner will not like that post.  Americans brought their educational system to its’ knees in 1964.  One after all could not dare separate little Tom from other students because he learns at a much slower pace.  We must sacrifice the other children in Tom’s behalf and simply slow the entire system to Tom’s pace.

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