The Terabit Internet

One of the areas in which I have actively tasked folks to work is developement of a communications link to support terabit-per-second level communication.  If you look at the current field of fiber optics, makers such as OFS Fitel — a former Lucent Technologies company — push the data rate on their premium product to around 100 gigbit-per-second.  Unfortunately due to their manufacturing process, not all fiber they produce will carry this data rate.  This is, as I said, their premium product.

All of the other fiber optics cable producer fall into line with OFS.  It is physically impossible for them to produce the next order of magnitude product at one-terabit-per-second with the current technology envelope.  That we will change.

Many will say, quite correctly, that just because one has a terabit range communication medium that does not mean your household Internet service is suddenyl going to stream tewrabits of data.  This is true.  There is a massive infrastructure overhaul that must come to pass.  We intend to lead that change.  Where this change begins will place nations leagues ahead of others.

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