He who is stronger than the ‘virus’ will produce offspring; the children of a New Age.

It is so funny to me that the average man does not learn from his own history. He is destined to succumb to the rot that all great societies produce as they mature and walk into the latter days of their being. Do you think that the current collapse of Greek society is the first time the Greeks have destroyed their own society?

Even funnier are those who think they are the Elite.  The brainpower and will of a great society.  I refer of course to the society that Franklin Roosevelt had in mind and those who today think they are the elite, like one AA man himself Barack Obama:  The Destroyer of a great society.  Such people hate Christian tradition not only because they bow to no one, but because Christ said “you will always have the poor.”

You know, the Romans disappeared but the city of Rome oddly remains located more-or-less where it always stood.  It is decrepit both in economic and political terms, being the seat of a nation belonging to the PIGS group, but those who were stronger than the “virus” stood to face uncertainty again.  (Their offspring of course.)

I have oft been known to make the comment that Europeans are not politically correct.  This is not entirely true.  European political correctness takes a different form, not being centered in the body politic and lacking disparate groups within society.  Europeans are politically correct about what has become hated world wide; what has been portrayed as worse than it ever was; what started on account of some fact but grew to monstrous proportions.  In the fire in which it was formed I suspect it has ever gifted some to outlive the virus.  We can hope.  We can be prepared, for that day that will test this truth — turning it to a lie if it fails.



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