The Right Thing, The Wrong Way. Could be they are not even sure what the ‘Right Thing’ is……

It would be best I suppose to title this post “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” After all, the end result of doing the right thing the wrong way is the exact same illusion so well practiced by the world’s LIBERALS.

For instance, you see there are always these small inconsequential “special exceptions” for those who do things like “rail against armed security in schools.”  I think that if our nation would be so obviously crime free were we to remove all weapons that fire explosive charges to propel projectiles, i.e. guns folks, the our illustrious President and Vice President should be more than willing to set example and ensure all armed security is removed from their children’s (grandchildren for Biden) school.

What a wonderful example that would be.  The President speaks volumes — as does the Vice President — by saying one thing out of one side of the mouth yet another out of the other side of the mouth.  Live it gentleman.  Live past the very lies you know you espouse.

Perhaps my readers need a more direct example of doing the right thing the wrong way.  One word is the example:  Obamacare.  It is seen as better in the eyes of the Liberal purveyors of Obamcare to force those achievers who can afford the best quality healthcare to forego it so as those who cannot afford it have the same, though overall lower quality care.  Barack Obama’s view of equality means he would kill millions if he had to in order to force his perverted view of equality on a nation.  And we think Hitler was bad?  Hardly.

Were you ever told as a child in elementary school to tell the truth and always do your best?  Somehow I do not think that concept was ever stated to today’s Liberal Rats.  They, the Rats, define or re-define what is truth and rather than seeking real truth the right way, only provide a corruption that will ultimately be their end unfortunately along with many others.

Rise up folks.  Show the world the scum that has taken hold.

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