Smith & Wesson 500

Imagine a gun fancier in a nation of gun fanciers. that is me today. I’m not enjoying the cold of my mother’s homeland, but boy there is absolutely nothing else about this place I dislike. The boys and I (less one) had an hour or so we practiced on the firing range (indoor of course) that provided us with the opportunity to consider things gun related as well as actual firearms.

After some red tape, a thing that occurs with any government, I manged to import a matched set of Smith & Wesson 500 revolvers.  This particular revolver is not known much at all outside the U.S.  The revolver is after all American made for Americans, no matter where we may ultimately land.  I am rambling here however so let me move on to some commentary.

Liberals and their associated trash, including street thugs and Burmese pythons patrolling the Florida Everglades, seem to be all in a tizzy in the U.S. as to high capacity magazines, particularly associated with tactical rifles.  .While on the range burning powder today it occurred to me that nary a single Liberal had likely been to tactical weapons training school.  Why did this revelation come to me?  Because these Lie-berals have no idea how quickly I can reload my six-round S&W 500 and place the next major impact upon my intended target.  When one shoots a .223 (5.56X45 NATO in Europe) or a .38 special as the lady in Lawrenceville, Georgia who managed to place five rounds in the face and neck of one of Satan’s finest warriors, one needs capacity.  Oh what a glorious mess it would have been had she unloaded that first round into that dumb bastard from a Smith & Wesson 500.

Give me one good placement with a S&W 500 over a .223 in the backside of a thug folks and the world will become safer with rapidity.

As these thoughts unfolded and the conversation broadened, it occurred to me that the root of the Liberal mindset is to protect anyone perceived as being treated in unequal terms as someone who needs the overwhelming protection of the Liberal.  For example, the poor black man my Lawrenceville lady unloaded on has been so greatly discriminated against in the past (even before he was born he was discriminated against according to the Liberal) that he was in the right in breaking in upon this lady and her children.  She after all is from the root of Satan himself whose aim is to destroy the black man.  She has wealth that was taken from this black man, leaving him so he would starve.  She is evil and must be disarmed.

I think black men like this who in all likelihood voted for the Second Coming of the Black Messiah need to relax.  Barry has it all covered.  All of America will soon be a victim disarmament zone.

Do you think the Black Messiah will live forever?  Peace brothers and sisters.

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