The Black Messiah

cj — One of the few conservative gay men who posts to the website created a post depicting the cover image of Newsweek shown below.  The poster had titled the thread “Our Lord And Savior Has Returned!”  I responded to the post with the text below the image.


I’m going to play the Devil’s Advocate here, something I could not have done last year while being actively involved in the fight to defeat Barack Obama.  Now at a substantial distance from that fight both mentally and physically, it has become easier for me to see and state the obvious.

My premise is — and I am not the only one who sees this — that the United States of America requires a full and complete financial collapse if it is to survive as a nation.  Even the most avid liberals understand that they cannot carry the financial burden brought upon the government of the United States by their actions as well as the actions of conservatives.  For the moment all across the political spectrum individuals live in a state of illusion. believing the great machine of government, inclusive of local, state, and federal government, can be fed sufficient dollars to continue the Great Social Welfare experiment begun in reality with the Freedmen’s Bureau in 1865.  (The Freedmen’s Bureau was the first liberal social program that is the bedrock concept of all that have followed.)

Barack Obama is a perfect fit as leader of the very concept that government can provide all to all.  He will accelerate the growth of the monster and increasingly grab for material wealth to feed the great beast, thus bringing America closer to that day of financial collapse.

Now it does not matter to me that a great wave of disbelief and ad hominem attack may flow from what I have said.  Perhaps for many it is better that they continue to live in that pain-free dreamland of that so tightly surrounds Saint Obama.  It is an addict;’s personality after all that lives in this dreamland, with the behavior being much like the addict who finds it easier to snort cocaine that to deal with facts.

For many of us, we have pulled back to a safe distance.  So much so that I suggest conservatives in the United States Congress simply give in and allow Obama to increase his tax, borrow, and spend addiction at an ever increasing pace.

Barack Obama, if he is a god, is a pagan god.  He is not immune from the effect of his own actions nor of those like myself who simply do not give a damn if he fails and in fact will aid him in doing so.

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